Ekalavya Certification

Ekalavya recognise the learning and growth of its learners by providing two kinds of certificates.

Certificate Of Completion Sample

Every learner gets this certificate once he or she has completed the course successfully. Here are the steps you need to complete to get Ekalavya’s Certification of Completion:

  • The course completion rate needs to be 100%.
  • The final course task has been submitted successfully.
  • The final task has been reviewed by the Ekalavya Curriculum Department.

Once the certificate is issued, it can be downloaded from the “My Certificate” section of your LMS personal account.

Ekalavya Completion Certificate

Certificate of Commitment Sample

Every learner will get a Certificate of Commitment if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • 100% course completion rate for all Ekalavya courses.
  • Certificate of Completion for all Ekalavya courses.

A Certificate of Commitment will be issued to the learner manually.

Ekalavya Excellence Certificate