The transformative power of theatre training made accessible to millions.

A first-of-its-kind drama-based e-learning platform that effectively brings the power of theatre training to the masses.

For Million Who Seek To Develop Their Creative Potential

There are tens of thousands of aspirants out there who dream of pursuing a career in the performing arts but don’t know where to start.

Ekalavya has been designed to successfully adapt the high-quality training of the Drama School Mumbai to the e-learning space. Using instructional videos and customised e-learning systems, we ensure self-driven engagement and a genuine sense of achievement and learning for the user. Ekalavya’s courses are like an ‘Acting Textbook’ made out of the fundamentals concepts of acting. The most committed Ekalavya users will be invited to explore advanced training at the school, regardless of their economic status.

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Mission & Vision

  • Democratise access to high-quality theatre education for millions of Indians who dream of becoming actors, artists, and storytellers.
  • Taking the first step through self-learning, enable creative expression, and cultivate theatre as a way of life.
  • Become the most desirable and innovative learning platform for Dramatics and Allied Creative Arts in India.
  • Have a million new stories from a million new voices added to the narrative of our nation.
  • Ekalavya is much larger than the character from our mythology; it is the idea of self-driven learning, of transcending boundaries, of rigour and commitment to craft, and of the pursuit of personal excellence. These are the aspirational qualities that drive learning in the digital era.
  • Our logo has the letter E, the building blocks of learning and growth, and, on the diagonal, an arrow that references the legend while rising upwards and beyond itself.

Drama Schools Foundation Mumbai

DSFM committed to building a rich, vibrant and diverse theatre sector, which will play a necessary role in the improvement of society through the cultural power of theatre.

It does this through a number of initiatives, the main one being the Drama School Mumbai’s full-time course in acting and theatre-making. Founded in 2013, the DSM now boasts a highly active network of alumni and a community of theatre professionals who are all founding theatre groups, acting in award-winning plays, working in films, as well as applying their craft to education, corporate training, and social and community welfare.

Support The Cause

Ekalavya has been built entirely by donations from those who support our mission of democratising access to high-quality formal theatre education in India.  Revenues generated through Ekalavya go to expanding reach, creating the need and merit-based scholarships for our main programmes, and setting up other projects around accessibility to training.  DSM is grateful to the supporters of Ekalavya – Shirin Bharucha, Trustee National Centre for Performing Arts, Umang Bedi, Co-Founder Daily Hunt, Sandra Shroff, United Phosphorus, Ujwal Impact Advisors, and a number of other individuals and organisations (under CSR) who support the vision of the DSM and Ekalavya. You can help us stay committed to our revolutionary dream. Drama Schools Foundation Mumbai (DSFM), a Section 8 non-profit company, is professionally run with a board of directors consisting of prominent citizens and professionals who govern and advise the school. All accounts are audited by a professional audit firm and reported to the board.