The Best Way To Learn At Ekalavya

Here are few recommendations to get best out of Ekalavya courses.

01. Order

  • Take all the classes sequentially
  • Avoid skipping classes and documents

02. Pace

  • Take min 3 to max 5 classes, regularly, every day as per your learning capacity.
  • Avoid taking gaps between classes, if possible.
  • Avoid taking gaps between days, if possible.

03. Rigour

  • Practise class exercises as instructed.
  • Spend at least 10-15 min practising the class exercise by yourself.
  • Practise the exercises outside the class as well.
  • Apply the learnings in your daily life / routine.
  • Revisit and repeat classes to strengthen your learnings.

04. Tasks

  • Always complete your class tasks.
  • Always complete your module tasks.
  • Always complete and submit your final tasks as soon as you complete the course.
  • Always rehearse your final performance before submitting.

05. Reflections

  • Always complete your reflection points given in the handouts.
  • Try to elaborate and articulate your learnings and discoveries.

06. Resources

  • Keep your Preparatory Material always handy.
  • Keep your Handouts always handy.
  • Take the recommended resources seriously and never stop exploring.