Theatre and Drama Education: A must for children

All our lives revolve around stories. Stories we hear, tell and make. Stories shape our understanding, attitude and perspective toward living our lives.

-Ekalavya Dev

April 25, 2023

All our lives revolve around stories. Stories we hear, tell and make. Stories shape our understanding, attitude and perspective toward living our lives. One can say that stories shape our personalities. So if stories are so important and powerful then how can we engage with stories. How do we expose our children to the world of stories?

The answer lies with Theatre Education or Drama Classes.

Come summer vacations, and the quest to find good ‘Acting / Theatre / Drama Classes’ start. Parents often wish to engage their kids in some sort of extra-curricular activity- anything that captures the interest of their kids and adds value to their academics. After all, scoring a 10/10 in every subject isn’t the only thing your child needs in this day and age. The thing about these Theatre and Drama Classes is that they often act as centres to promote fun and entertainment, and eventually boost the kid’s all-around development. If there is anything that you should consider for a long-term Theatre & Drama Course, one that does not end with the summer break, then theatre is probably what you are looking for.

Theatre education is an excellent cross-curricular learning tool, something that helps your kid explore their feelings and emotions from a young age itself. Nowadays, there are many online Drama Classes options available. One such option is Ekalavya online acting and theatre training platform. Ekalavya gives you an opportunity to. What’s more? Theatre is for everyone; age has no role to play as long as your child has the curiosity to learn something new. An excellent opportunity to fast-track your child’s creative learning process, it gives your kid a new realm – a place to Act,  Create, Communicate and become more confident.  Theatre is the act of doing.  Performing Arts engages both the mental and physical faculties and elicits visual, tactile, auditory, and kinaesthetic responses. It involves children being active and present, expecting them to be on the move, constantly engaging in a dynamic exchange of ideas that contribute to their holistic growth.

An all-inclusive theatre education programme like Ekalavya is meant to help individuals explore their identity and develop soft skills such as creativity, communication, empathy, teamwork, and negotiation. A drama school might actually be the place an introvert like Rahul or even an extrovert like Ananya enjoys! And guess what? Kids cherish a fun-filled session that’s not just innovative but also memorable.

Being able to access an online drama course sitting at home, is like a golden opportunity your child should not miss. A comprehensive package of acting classes that offer the foundational blocks of theatre learning from the very best minds in performing arts, this online drama school might just be a total game-changer for your child!

Ekalavya: Act, Create, Communicate

India’s best online acting and theatre training platform, an initiative of Drama School Mumbai (DSM). DSM is one of the best acting and theatre schools in India. At Ekalavya, all the courses are designed and delivered by highly trained DSM faculty and industry professionals. Currently available courses are Breaking Open Characters, Mastering Monologues, Expressive Voice and Speech and Expressive Body.

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