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Art Of Auditioning

Want to learn how to prepare & give a perfect audition to increase your chances of getting more work?


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‘Art of Auditioning’ is an online course full of comprehensive knowledge to prepare and perform any given audition. The course features acting audition classes that will help you build audition technical skills to become more confident as a performer. Through performative and experiential classes and audition workshops, we will help you build a strong foundation as an actor. Our audition technique classes will provide you with hands-on acting audition solutions to all the difficulties that you can face while giving auditions.

7 Modules, 41 Classes, 13 Downloadable Resources

Mastering the art of auditioning begins with familiarising yourself with the camera. Often actors get nervous or face a mental block when they have to face the camera. ‘The World of Camera’ is a module that helps you with being in front of the camera, getting comfortable with its presence, rehearsing while the camera is present, and inculcating the skill of imagination and improvisation.

Module 1 Handout
Module 1 Introduction
Camera & Me / कैमरा मेरा दोस्त
Camera As Character / कैमरा एक किरदार
Camera As Audience / कैमरा एक दर्शक
Imagination / कल्पना का जादू
Improvisation / अनोखी ताक़त
Module 1 Task
Module 1 Task Sheet

Preparing for an audition is a crucial task for an impactful performance. An actor must understand the scene thoroughly before getting into the craft of acting. Most of the time a casting director provides necessary information about the audition scene. This module puts emphasis on when there is little to no information provided to the actor. Classes in this module are designed to enable the actor to build a framework of information in order to understand the scene in depth.

Module 2 Handout
Module 2 Introduction
Scene Action / हो क्या रहा है?
Time & Location / कब और कहाँ
Finding Character / किरदार की तलाश
Character Want / किरदार की चाह
Character Mood / किरदार का रंग
Module 2 Task
Module 2 Task Sheet

An actor knows the importance of preparing the scene before actually performing it. This module presents ways to help with that and strengthen performances, thereby allowing an impactful audition. Preparation is not just about understanding the script but also about rehearsing and thoroughly practising concepts that improve audition performances. This module elaborates on different ways to do so.

Module 3 Handout
Module 3 Introduction
Scene To Monologue / अनोखा बदलाव
Neutral Reading / जैसा है वैसे ही
Reading Aloud / ज़ोरों की पढ़ाई
Bouncing Balls / खेल वाली बकबक
Speech Speed / धीमी दौड़
Character Introduction / किरदार की पहचान
Character Story / कल और कल
Rehearsing Scene / कर के देखें
Mood Flip / उल्टा पुल्टा
Module 3 Task
Module 3 Task Sheet

An actor knows how to take care of all the necessary things that help towards a good audition. After working on the scene, finding the character, and rehearsing the audition scene, it is time to get into the technical aspects of an audition. Strong technical understanding ensures seamless and great performance. This module highlights some of the most important technical aspects to help an actor present their best self in an audition.

Module 4 Handout
Module 4 Introduction
Studio Audition / ज़रूरी बातें
Self/Test / आत्मनिर्भर
Intro Video / पहली मुलाक़ात
Module 4 Task
Module 4 Task Sheet
Auditions Do’s & Don’ts

Acting is a craft of practice and rigour. It is a slow but fulfilling process. Voice, Body, and Breath are the three crucial instruments that are key to any performance. Before going to any audition, an actor must ensure their instrument is ready and warmed up. This module presents ways to work on the voice, body and breath required before auditioning.

Module 5 Handout
Module 5 Introduction
Calm The Nerves / शांति का दान
Body Warmup / तैयार शरीर
Vocal Warmup / बुलंद आवाज़
Final Task
Final Task Sheet

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These beginner acting courses provide you with the basic knowledge of acting and theatre in an engaging manner. Even if you are not involved in the creative arts, these online drama lessons will equip you with critical life skills such as self-awareness, effective communication, confidence, and creative expression.

Our courses are designed holistically and do not restrict themselves to fields of pursuit or levels of study. If you are interested in exploring the world of theatre and acting, these courses provide you with the basic building blocks in an engaging manner. Even if you are not involved in the creative arts, these courses will equip you with critical life skills like self-awareness, confidence, effective communication and creative expression.

Each Ekalavya course is designed to be stand-alone. If you want to pursue a career in acting and theatre, we recommend beginning with the first course, ‘Expressive Voice & Speech’ which deals with the most basic concept of characterisation and how to approach the portrayal of different characters.

These courses provide the building blocks of study in the field of acting and theatre-making. Ekalavya courses cover foundational concepts that serve as an essential first step to launching your creative journey and your acting career.

We strongly encourage learners to take charge of their creative journeys. We believe this self-drive is key to success in the theatre and acting industry. Our courses act as critical catalysts in this journey. We motivate our learners to actively get involved in fun and engaging exercises. Every course requires a performance submission in the end where learnings come together to mould something tangible. Personal stories, anecdotes, and greenroom hacks form an indispensable part of the courses. Online forums will also ensure a community exchange of ideas, and a space to ideate and grow consistently.


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