स्क्रिप्ट से जान पहचान

Art of Script Analysis

By Tushar Pandey
Film & Theatre Actor, Director

Do you know how to analyse & understand a script like a pro? Do you know how to do character study & research? Script Analysis for actors is a must. In this online acting course, you will learn a step-by-step method to analyse any given script, scenes, characters, and characters’ truths which will help you to become a more confident performer.

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What will you learn?

Do you want to give an award-winning performance? Do you want to direct a film or theatre performance? The script is the backbone of every you do in front of the camera or on stage. For any performance artist, it’s very important to have a deep understanding of the script.

‘Art of Script Analysis’ is a very rare course which will give you an in-depth knowledge of the technicalities of analysing a script to uncover information, drama, characters’ wants, & conflicts hidden in a script. Apart from theoretical aspects, these online acting classes will provide you with practical tools which can be easily used in a performance. In the end, through practice-based exercises and experiential learning, you will build a strong foundation to perform any given script while paying relatively small acting course fees.


  • Play Reading
  • Themes & Styles
  • Scenes Break Down
  • Exciting Moments
  • Conflict Graphs
  • Script Structure
  • Script Research
  • Character Analysis 
  • Character Truth & Want
  • Final Performance


  • Practice-based Exercise
  • Performative Tasks
  • Collaborative Classes
  • Working Table Discussions
  • Reflection
  • Assignments

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Course Overview

Course Trailer
Course Introduction
Facilitator Introduction
Things To Remember
Preparatory Material

First Encounter, पहली मुलाक़ात

First encounters are truly the most impressionable. It is the moment where we engage with utmost authenticity, openness, and acceptance. Just like people, the first encounter with a play gives us an idea about the crux of it – what it is actually about. This module is all about meeting the script ‘Reech’, which is the Hindi adaptation of Anton Checkov’s ‘The Bear’. The classes focus on some of the preliminary and foundational concepts that one can keep in mind while reading any script for the first time.

Module 1 Handout
Module 1 Introduction
First Reading, रीछ
Characters, ठक ठक कौन है?
Highlights, ख़ास घटनाएँ
Themes, स्क्रिप्ट का रंग
Styles, रहस्य का खुलासा
Title, नाम में क्या रखा है?
Module 1 Task
Module 1 Task Sheet

Deconstructing a Script, छोटे बड़े हिस्से

A script is like a treasure trove having many tiny and massive pieces of information hidden in the entire story. To understand the script in the best way, it becomes crucial to break the script into several many parts only to once again build it all together at the end. This breaking up is a very important step in analysing any given script. It helps readers to process the intricacies of each section of the script, in order to understand the script as a whole. This module explains the technique behind understanding the script, both, in parts and as a whole.

Module 2 Handout
Module 2 Introduction
French Scene, आना जाना
Exciting Moments, फिर क्या हुआ?
Conflict Graph, नायाब नौ
Module 2 Task
Module 2 Task Sheet

World of a Script, अंदर बाहर की दुनिया

Every script has its own unique world, both, inside and outside its story. This world of the script deeply impacts the character’s life. A character’s way of life is influenced by their social upbringing, their present environment, the culture they exist in, and their socio-economic situation. In many ways, the world of the script determines a character’s actions and behaviour. This module is all about understanding these two worlds of a script – inside and outside – in order to completely immerse into the world of analysing a script.

Module 3 Handout
Module 3 Introduction
Research, खोज की खुजली
Research Docket
Setting, अनोखा नक़्शा
Module 3 Task
Final Task Sheet

Character Study, किरदारों से मुलाक़ात

Characters are the heart of a script and its story. They drive the narrative and humanise the story. Actions and dialogues are where they shine the best. A character in a script is fictional until it is understood. The moment we start to dive into their personal traits, thoughts, beliefs and opinions, they come alive and give dimension to the story they are telling. A good actor knows the importance of studying a character inside out and from all possible angles, such that the actor and the character seem like one. This module presents the technique to enter into the world of a character. This module dives deeper into the psyche of a character to understand what they actually are and want in a given script and its story.

Module 4 Handout
Module 4 Introduction
Self Study, मैं ही मैं
Public Opinion, अलग नज़रिए
Personal Views, मेरी सोच
Want, चाहता क्या है?
Hot Seating
Final Task
Final Task Sheet
Bonus Character Study Sheet

Going Forward - आगे बढ़ते जाएँ

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Know Your Facilitator

Tushar Pandey

Film & Theatre Actor, Director
17+ years of professional experience.

“You can learn anything anytime if you have the will to learn. Just keep learning new things and keep improving yourself.”

Tushar Pandey, more popularly known as Mummy from ‘Chhichhore’ has been extensively involved in theatre and films for 17+ years. As an avid learner, multitasker and enthusiast, he has worn many hats of an actor, director, writer, actor trainer, teacher, producer, lighting designer, theatre maker, and the list goes on. He continues to explore his creative side by constantly learning and indulging in being a student.

His first encounter with theatre was with Delhi University, Kirori Mal College theatre group where he performed in a play called ‘The Players’. He then went on to study at the National School of Drama (NSD) for three years to specialise in Acting. To continue to work on his craft, he pursued studying Lecoq physical theatre for two years at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) for which he was awarded a reputable award Inlaks Shivdasani International Scholarship. He also created an international theatre group and performed at acclaimed festivals like Edinburgh Theatre Festival. He taught at NSD and performed globally including in China, Greece, Dubai, Scotland, etc. For the past few years, he has been largely involved in films, some of which are Chhichhore, Ashram, Pink and Hum Char.

His curious nature extends to understanding the psyche of people which is where his love for scripts originates from. He stresses the value and importance of a script behind every performance and practices this belief in his artistic processes, which is an ongoing method when he teaches at DSM, a renowned drama school in India.

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