अभिनय और कैमरा

Acting For Camera

By Joy Sengupta
A Veteran Film & Theatre Actor

Want to learn acting for the camera? Want to sharpen your acting skills for a successful film acting career. In this online camera acting course, you will not just learn the technical aspects of film acting but also the relationship between an actor and the camera.

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What will you learn?

‘Acting for Camera’ is an online camera acting course with comprehensive knowledge about film acting. This course features pre-recorded video online camera acting classes that will help you learn the fundamental concepts of film acting. Through practice-based exercises & experiential learning, you will explore the technicalities of different acting mediums & camera language. This course will cover vocal, physical, technical & psychological aspects of acting for the camera to help you become a more confident performer.


  • Voice & Speech
  • Body Movements
  • Dialogue Delivery
  • Emotions and Expressions
  • Improvisation & Imagination
  • Different Acting Mediums 
  • Camera Framing
  • Camera Angles & Shots
  • Acting and Reacting
  • Final Camera Performance


  • Practice-Based Exercise
  • Performative Tasks
  • Collaborative Classes
  • Reflection
  • Assignments

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Course Overview

Course Trailer
Course Introduction
Facilitator Introduction
Things To Remember
Preparatory Material

Acting Craft, अभिनय की कला

Every artist must practice their craft on a regular basis. An actor’s instrument is their breath, body and voice that helps them express their emotions optimally and authentically. This instrument needs regular attention, practice and exercise in order to serve the craft of acting. This module largely looks at ways to improve foundational acting skills in order to perform with truth and impact.

Module 1 Handout
Module 1 Introduction
Breath & Voice, साँस का सफ़र
Speech Elements, बड़बड बोले
Locomotive Movement, चलती का नाम गाड़ी
Voice Modulation, उतार चढ़ाव
Dialogue Expressions, बोल के रंग
Motivation, असली मक़सद
Imagination, घास कटाई
Personal Expressions, मेरी कहानी
Module 1 Task
Module 1 Task Sheet

Performance Mediums, अभिनय के माध्यम

A story can be conveyed in different mediums. The message might remain the same, but the way a story is presented changes. An actor knows the strength of every medium to thereby add impact to the story. Being well-versed with various performance mediums helps an actor inculcate the attribute of adaptability and flexibility in performance. This module demonstrates the skill of adapting to different performance mediums.

Module 2 Handout
Module 2 Introduction
Live Performance, रंगमंच की दुनिया
Audio Performance, आवाज़ की दुनिया
Camera Performance, कैमेरे की दुनिया
Module 2 Task
Module 2 Task Sheet

Camera Language, कैमेरे की भाषा

A camera is the eye of an audience. The narrative of the story, or what the audience sees, is shaped by the director. As a performer, an actor has to be willing to surrender to the medium they are performing with. In order to surrender and deliver an impactful performance, it’s best to understand the medium. This module strengthens the understanding of camera acting.

Module 3 Handout
Module 3 Introduction
Long Shot, दूर की नज़र
Mid Shot, पास की नज़र
Close-up Shot, बारीक नज़र
Action & Reaction, लेना देना
Camera & Actor, कैमेरा और अभिनेता
Camera & Action, अलग नज़रिए
Module 3 Task
Final Task Sheet

Going Forward - आगे बढ़ते जाएँ

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Know Your Facilitator


A Veteran Film & Theatre Actor
30+ years of professional experience.

“You can learn anything anytime if you have the will to learn. Just keep learning new things and keep improving yourself.”

30+ years of experience exploring stage, screen & other performance mediums. Joy Sengupta is one of the most recognizable faces in the film & theatre industry. He is known for his work in 50+ feature films, 35+ telefilms, 50+ theatre plays with 2000+ shows, 50+ TV projects & 55+ TV commercials. His acting journey started in Delhi where he worked with theatre groups like Act One & Jana Natya Manch. He learnt from renowned theatre personalities like Habib Tanvir, Safdar Hashmi, Barry John & MK Raina. He has also brought theatre into education to offer the transformative impact of drama in children’s lives.

He has travelled extensively with his theatre productions to USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and many other countries.

While his filmography is long, from 1995-97, he extensively worked as a TV actor. In 1998, his debut film ‘Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa’ was released. In 2002, he began working in the Bengali film industry. Since then he has been working across different acting mediums in Hindi, English & Bengali languages. He calls himself a theatre warrior, a cultural activist & a student of cinema.

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